Sunday, January 30, 2005

Shrinking Shadows of Ignorance

"Perfectly logical, I agree. But why therefore cant you see things the way I do? I am not asking you to change the way you see things, but simply to understand that others will have a different approach. As I said before to me what I see is plan and purpose in everything, to you it's only scientific. The truth is probably somewhere in between. I too have studued biology in college. I have studied some Geology and understand rock formations. And yes I did take statistics and understand probability factors. But after giving it all due credence I still see the hand of God in everything."

I understand that you see the hand of God in plan and purpose everywhere. That's fine. But that's also just speculation. And when it's tried to prove the existence of God by sources of ignorance, that doesn't convince folks like me. When people ask: How did this universe come about? I say: I don't know. Other may answer: Aha, must've been God!

And I think to myself, If God truly exists, why couldn't God make himself known in the light of knowledge and not forever in the shrinking shadows of ignorance?

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