Saturday, October 22, 2005

Foibles and Oddities

I've been tagged by the great Jewish Atheist to write about my own weird quirks and personal idiosyncrasies, so here goes:

1. I bite my nails. Not as a nervous habit, but as a determined method for cutting them. Sometimes I get a little zealous though.

2. In my wardrobe I have either t-shirts and jeans or a suit. I have no middle dress-casual.

3. I often have my television on, but I'm rarely looking at it.

4. On a related notion, one show I do watch is the Simpsons for which I hold complete loyalty and it kills me that they are being displaced in the public's eye by the newfangled Family Guy (which I also like, but still!).

5. I can't stand being in pointless yes/no arguments. If we're ever arguing about something and I can't prove it one way or the other based on the knowledge I already have, I'm always running to a computer to do a quick google search.

6. My room is always a mess...and you'd scream if you saw my bathroom.

7. I like driving, but I have a pretty awful sense of direction.

8. I actually really hate shopping. I will wear clothes that are worn out and have holes in them and I don't care.

9. I shave maybe once a week.

10. I will stay up extremely late (think when the wee hours start turning into real hours) and then complain all day about being tired. And, no, I never learn.

So basically, all the above makes me your general, run of the mill, college bum. ;-)

I am now tagging forward to Wolf, Ben Avuyah, and Sarah, but we'll have to wait and see if they're willing to go down to this level of blogging.


J said...

Anyone know what happened to Sarah?

Orthoprax said...


Oh, she's around, she just doesn't really like blogging very much lately.

Sarah said...

you got me ... :)

Anonymous said...

But you forgot two're alway right but everything is still your fault;) But remember, I always win!!

monkey pants

Anonymous said...

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