Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Israeli Day Parade Experience

I went to the Israeli Day Parade this past Sunday and, of course, I was wearing white and blue. Did you see me on the parkside at about 73rd Street? ;-)

As people were marching down I had a whole conversation with a friend of mine who came with me about the different views on Gush Katif. He wanted to get an orange t-shirt, but only balked because it cost ten bucks.

Anyway, I think people can comment on whatever they want but also keep in mind that they have no say in what Israel actually eventually decides to do. I also happen approve of the plan.
So I was discussing the issue with my friend and I pretty much showed him the other side of the issue. And while I don't think I changed his mind, I do believe he sees that the opposition does have a justified position.

But my main issue with the parade was this friend of my friend who came along too. She voiced her disgust at all the less than Orthodox groups who marched for Israel and said that "they were for everything 'we' are against."

I felt like explaining at her that the Jewish people have never been of only one type. There have always been sects and discontents and different views. From the henotheists of ancient times to the monotheism of the Prophets to the Pharisees and Sadducees to the rationalists and to the Kabbalists to the Kariates and to the Hasidics, Judaism has never been of only one type. Their type of Judaism is just as valid as her's is.

But intolerance is, unfortunately, widespread in Orthodoxy.

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