Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Application Frustration

Arrg! Do you know what a pain in the ass is? Applying to Medical School. Especially Columbia. They're one of the last schools to switch over to the AMCAS system and yet their secondary application still requires the same whole slew of information. How's that for a waste of time?

Anyway, if you aren't in the know then you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. That's fine. I'm just saying that I've been busy filling out applications and writing essays and I'm getting rather irritated by the whole business.


Got this email from Columbia just today:

Dear Applicant,

In response to concerns about the Course History Section within the P&S Secondary Application, this section has been removed from our application. If you were already in the process of filling out your application, you will no longer see this page. When you print out your copy of the completed application, you may see this section, but in a blank format. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


P&S Admissions Office

They just realized the incredible waste of time their redundant course section is and so they have removed it. That's great - but I already filled it all out making that effort now officially 100% wasted.


Ben Avuyah said...

Just wait untill internship and residency...it's the same thing all over again.

Good luck !!

Mis-nagid said...

The solution is to watch lots of Scrubs. :-)

J said...

How old are you OP? If you don't mind me asking... For some reason I thought you were older than "medical school age"...SIGH...time to go back a re-read some of the earlier posts I guess...

Orthoprax said...


I can't wait. Thanks. ;-)


"The solution is to watch lots of Scrubs. :-)"

You'd be surprised, but I've spoken to doctors and of all the tv doctor shows, that's the one held in highest regard. They hate ER. Though I'm fond of the new show "House" myself.


I'm 20. It says it in my profile. I'm not quite in medical school yet.

DarkBlueHat said...

There's a more to that story. You should elaborate on it.

Orthoprax said...


More to what story?