Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Dishonorable Dov Hikind

Dov Hikind, our very own local representative in the New York State Assembly, apparently has no respect for Israeli law. He, along with several thousand anti-disengagement protestors, has snuck into Gaza after the Israeli government had cordoned it off as closed to non-residents. See here.

This isn't really surprising behavior given his regular activity of misusing public funding (yeah, our money) to organize (and sometimes pay for) trips to Israel - which he has gone jet-setting back and forth every other month or so this year so far. Isn't it great to see him spending his time going all over the world and representing New York State's interests in foreign countries and not, oh I don't know, spending his time in Albany and actually doing his job.

But what's also great to see is Hikind using again public funds for his staff to work on events in foreign politics for which he really should just not be sticking his public nose into. But that's classic Hikind. Big mouth, media whore, and not really doing much for his constituents in Brooklyn. What's the last thing he's done? Oh, yeah, getting the MetroCard machines to understand Yiddish. Wow.

Update: The Jerusalem Post article that I linked to above had originally been titled "Dov Hikind: International Scofflaw" but it seems that the title was too apt for the tastes of the JP and now the title reads a more mellow "NY assemblyman sneaks into Gaza." Very lame JP.

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mushroomjew said...

I agree with you about Hikind. I also was very upset when I read that he slipped into Gaza, but I'm wasn't surprised. He basically is an Israeli politician who was never even elected by Israelis. He knows that if he moved there, he'd be a nothing. So he uses the prestige of his NY Assembly seat to be a somebody there. Even though he does nothing for New York. It's politicians like Hikind who push me to support term limits since it seems that the people in Brooklyn are not able to kick him out of office.