Sunday, February 06, 2005

Conceptions of Heaven

As a kid I used to think about Heaven and what a great place it would be. But my ideas never included singing endless hymns to God with the chorus of angels as viewed in Navi or endless sitting in a beit midrash slumped over a Gemara as some of my rabbis had proposed or playing endless games of baseball where I never lost as some of my friends considered, but of a place to know everything I ever wanted to know.

As I saw God as the unquestioned source for absolutely correct knowledge, I wanted to ask God to show me how the game of humanity would turn out. Show the Earth three million years in the future and see what has been built up...or what had been left behind. I wanted to be in the company of greats like Abraham and Moses and Einstein. Oh, what conversations we could have had.

I even had my first question for God all worked out already. What color was dinosaur skin? I was so curious about that because I thought that there was probably no way scientists could ever figure that one out.

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