Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Red Pill or Blue Pill

"My point, exactly. Isn't it clear that all things considered it would have been better for him NOT to know? What is gained by his knowing except some abstract satisfaction in knowing "Truth (tm)" That's why I, certainly, would not want to know. Would you really want to?"

I understand the point. Ignorance is very often indeed bliss. But there's nothing admirable about that. If happiness is all that is important then why not induce it medically and keep everyone in some ecstatic stupor their whole lives? Why not keep everyone in childhood mentality with a few "unfortunate" educated to govern them, ala "Brave New World"?

Why is being trapped in The Matrix such a bad fate, really?

Yes, the red pill isn't always easy to swallow. But, for me, the blue pill is just plain hard to stomach.

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