Sunday, February 06, 2005

Games to Play

Not too long ago I used to play a fun little game with some of my friends. It's really simple. I used to say, "I am God." And they'd say, "Stop fooling around." So I'd respond, "Prove me wrong."

And of course they couldn't.

Maybe they'd ask me to show them a miracle, I'd say that I would never lower myself to please them. After all, I'm God.

Maybe they'd ask me a question that I couldn't know the answer to, so I could say of course I know, but how dare you test the Lord?

How can you be in human form? Can't I, the omnipotent, do anything?

I would say to them, stop being so stiff-necked. Ignore all those apparent inconsistencies, either you have faith or you don't. If you don't though, I might just have to send you to hell. You're choice though.

In my way I backhandedly was showing them the fallacy of ad hoc assertions. If someone is going to make excuses upon excuses for all the apparent inconsistencies, then you'll never be able to convince them otherwise. How, indeed, can you prove anyone's conceptions of God wrong if they're willing to take such ad hoc suggestions for every point you make?

PS. I'm God. Prove me wrong.


Anonymous said...

Bang. You're dead. Not G-d.

Orthoprax said...


Well, if I could argue post-mortem, I would say that I have only died in the physical sphere. My essence lives on in the spiritual plane unhurt.

Kinda like Jesus, ;-). Another example of perfect ad hoc assumptions in religion.

And now you must go to hell.


Alex said...

I'll take a futile stab at this.

You are a truth-seeker. God doesn't do that. Hence, you're not God.

Just wantin' to check out your creativity.

Orthoprax said...


Pshaw, my superficial behavior is only meant to test your loyalty.

alex said...

You've convinced me. You must be God. Just as God is never wrong, neither are you.