Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Meaning Behind the Yarmulkah

It's weird, that six inches of circular material on my head means so much. People from every side of society have their own ideas about what it implies.

To the religious Jew on a weekday afternoon it means I'm available to fill a minyan for mincha. I get asked every few weeks. To another guy I know from school, it means I'm a religious zionist (kippa seruga) but really my mom just likes crocheting them. To some other people it means they can tell me racist jokes, those shfartsa's y'know. To this guy in the museum is means that I can't know or believe anything about evolution.

All it means to me is that I'm Jewish and proud of it.

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LADYnREDinVA said...

GOOD FOR YOU! Judaism needs more people with your attitude. MAZEL TOV!